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About Beth Israel

Beth Israel is a beautiful Modern Orthodox synagogue in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We have daily morning and evening minyanim (see calendar) and an exciting array of programs. At Beth Israel there is something for everyone: toddlers, kids, teens, young adults, adults and seniors.

Rabbi Zolly & Rebbetzin Penina Claman

Rabbi Zolly Claman was born and raised in the nation’s capital. From Ottawa, he travelled to Jerusalem to start what would pan out to be an adventure lasting a decade. After spending years in the world most coveted Yeshivas, Rabbi Claman was granted one of ten spots from a pool of over a thousand applicants to the Center for Kehilla Development (CKD). CKD is a 5-year semicha fellowship that includes training in marriage and child-rearing counselling. Rabbi Zolly Claman holds a handful of rabbinical ordinations, including from Rabbi Osher Weiss and from the State of Israel.

Rabbi Claman is passionate about inspiring community members to take the next step in their spiritual journey by teaching Torah that is inspiring, relevant, practical and committed to Halacha. His natural ability to connect with people brings an approachable ambiance to The Family Shul. He won’t promise that you’ll be able to keep up with him on the ice, but he is committed to teaching classes at your pace and level of understanding.

Rebbetzin Penina hails from the windy city of Chicago, where she grew up swimming in Lake Michigan and skiing in the Wisconsin Dells. She attended HSBY High School and then continued her studies in Israel for two years at Darchei Binah. From there, she moved to Manhattan to earn her B.S. in Mathematics at Touro’s Lander College for Women. Post graduation, Penina taught high school mathematics at Breur’s in Monsey, as well as passing two actuarial exams.

After meeting and marrying Rabbi Claman, the couple moved to the holy city of Jerusalem and lived there for the first five and a half years of their marriage. In addition to having two kids, working in an actuary firm, tutoring at Aish Hatorah, and hosting many Shabbat meals, during this time Penina was privileged to study under some of the top educators in the Jewish world, in areas ranging from Jewish thought, character development, and psychology, to Jewish marriage and child-rearing​​. Penina is a Certified Kallah Teacher, a Certified Life Coach and a proud and loving Mom of Adina (7), Chaya (5), and Elisha (1).

The Rabbi and Rebbetzin are a natural fit to the synagogue’s diverse membership, communal warmth, engagement with TorahTefillah, and Gemilut Chasadim.​


Board of Directors

Executive Board Members
President: Shane Asbell  (
Vice President: Philip Kirman
Vice President: Forrest Zeisler
Treasurer: Michael Sadovnick
Secretary: Andrew Gergely
Past-President: Howard Goldford
Board Members
Benji Eidelman
Joe Kirman
Megan Mandel
Robin Marcus
Susan Mintz




Sylvia Benjamin

Office Coordinator

Manal Mansi



Beth Israel is a proud member of the Othodox Union.

Thu, 11 August 2022 14 Av 5782